Linden honey

Lime tree is the most important honey plant. Lime honey bees are extracted from the nectar of greenish-yellow lime flowers. Lime honey is considered one of the best varieties of honey. Collect lime honey starts in July.

It is very fragrant, the smell reminds of the fragrance of flowers of lime trees. Has a transparent, light yellow or greenish color. 3-4 months after pumping out, lime honey begins to crystallize without changing its useful properties and taste qualities. As it crystallizes, it becomes white. Has a pronounced taste, sometimes with slight bitterness, but always leaves a very persistent, sweet-tart aftertaste. Trying once the lime honey and feeling its aroma, you will not confuse it with another honey.

Lime honey contains more than 400 nutrients for the human body, so it is widely used to treat various diseases ranging from colds to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Lime honey is actively used in cosmetology. It is also known that lime honey prolongs youth, and raises the mood. The use of linden honey is incredibly great!

Like any other product, in addition to useful qualities, linden honey has some contraindications. Such as individual intolerance, allergic reactions to bee products, age to two years, diabetes.

Do not add honey to hot drinks. At 40-43 degrees, honey loses its healing properties, and when honey is added to boiling water, a particularly harmful carcinogen is formed.


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